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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy in Woodbridge
1-53 Woodbridge Ave
Woodbridge, Ontario
Phone: 905.850.0634 | Fax: 905.850.6883

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Walk-In Clinic

It’s important to have a Walk-In Clinic nearby, ready and available for you, when you need it.

Welcome to our Virtual Walk-In Clinic, where we provide:

  • Timely access to primary care
  • Access to specialized care
  • Reduced clinic wait times
  • Reduced travel times
  • Unprecedented Mental healthcare access

Clinic Hours :

Book Now! Mon-Fri:9am to 3:50pm Virtual Care.

Book Now! 24 hours, 7 days a week Virtual Care.

NOTE: Emergency Cases
Anyone with potentially life-threatening conditions such as severe chest pain or heart attack symptoms, stroke symptoms, severe trauma, severe abdominal pain or extremely laboured breathing should immediately go to the Hospital Emergency Department or call 911.

Please note, the Virtual Walk-In Clinic is operated by Taiga Health and Medicall. They are not affiliated with Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy or the I.D.A. Banner.

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