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Virtual Walk-In Clinic Hub

As your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy, we continue to deliver on our promises to provide care beyond just prescriptions.

We present to you a Virtual Medical Walk-In Clinic Hub. It offers links to online doctors when you or your family member need to see a doctor for a non-urgent matter.

Our goal is to provide a virtual medical walk-in clinic hub where you can achieve the following; 

  • Timely access to primary care
  • Access to specialized care
  • Reduced clinic wait times
  • Reduced travel times
  • Unprecedented Mental healthcare access

Remember, it is just virtual care; therefore, it may not be ideal for all medical cases, such as 

  • Difficulty in breathing or chest pain
  • Severe bleeding, head injury, or loss of consciousness
  • Prescriptions for narcotics or controlled substances
  • Treatments for children under the age of 1

While trying to help solve the recent chronic shortage of doctors, sometimes online doctors get overwhelmed. Situations where you cannot find immediate consultation in all the links presented may occur. Please be patient and consider a later time or call 911 if you need urgent assistance.

To get started, click on one of the links below.

Clinic 1: Powered by Tia Health

See the doctor of your choice within minutes. Same day booking. Anytime. 24/7.

Book here for a virtual consultation

Clinic 2: Powered by MD Connected 

MDC symbol

See a doctor in minutes, same day booking, anytime, 24/7

Book Here for a virtual visit Now

Clinic 3: Powered by Taiga Health

Taiga logo

See a doctor  within the available time slots

9am to 3:30pm (Mon to Fri)

Book here for a virtual consultation


NOTE: Emergency Cases
Anyone with potentially life-threatening conditions such as severe chest pain or heart attack symptoms, stroke symptoms, severe trauma, severe abdominal pain or extremely laboured breathing should immediately go to the Hospital Emergency Department or call 911.

Please note, the Virtual Walk-In Clinic is operated by Tia Health, MD Connected and Taiga Health. They are not affiliated with Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy or the I.D.A. Banner.

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