Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy and Pharmacare Walk-in Clinic

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy in Woodbridge
1-53 Woodbridge Ave
Woodbridge, Ontario
Phone: 905.850.0634 | Fax: 905.850.6883

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Elderly Care

Elderly Care

Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy in Woodbridge Heritage Conservation District, Woodbridge, Ontario. 

The area has a large population of elderly and aging residents. Our senior-friendly services, environments, comfortable care, and all-around better service for retirees make our pharmacy a comfort zone for residents in this area.

We have specially trained geriatric pharmacists who are happy to answer your questions, provide good guide you or your elderly one as well provide resources that you need for comfortable living.



Some of our services specifically for the Elderly include:

  • FREE Delivery of Prescriptions
  • FREE In-home Medication Reviews to better understand your medication and to help ensure your medications are taken as prescribed
  • Home Health Care Supplies and RENTALS
  • Medication Organization with Blister / Compliance Packaging using the accurate BlistAssist system
  • One on One Counselling
  • And more…

If there are needs that you have, call us today, and we’d love to talk.

We also have services to help with Long Term Care facilities in our area. Please call us and ask how we can help today.



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