Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy and Medical Clinic

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy in Woodbridge
1-53 Woodbridge Ave
Woodbridge, Ontario
Phone: 905.850.0634 | Fax: 905.850.6883

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Join Our Team

Thank you for considering joining out team with us at Medbrands I.D.A. Pharmacy. We consider ourselves here as members of a big family and it is important that we get to know you very well and also for you to get know you as well. This will help us to form a great bond and maintain a lasting relationship.

We are a locally run business established in 2017 and have operated successfully as a community pharmacy and since opening day. We have maintained our mission which is to improve the health of the members of our community .
As part of our recruitment process, we would like you to take the time to answer the following questions for us. It is important you carefully think about your answers and be as descriptive as possible.

If we feel you would be an asset to our team, we may ask you to come in for interview. to work a trial shift. We understand that some of the questions may relate to previous work; if this is your first job application, please use life examples instead of work examples.